Tales of the IBB #smrtbaseball

So far this year, teams that issue 1 or more IBBs are 78-235 (this is a little shifty, as it counts games where both teams issue IBBs as a win and a loss, and counts multi-IBB games just once, but hey). Of the 364 IBBs, 193 (53%) came when the team pitching was behind, 134 when the game was tied, and 34 when ahead.

We’re not clever enough with B-R’s Play Index to figure out how many times the team issuing the IBB was behind and then went on to win the game (or even just get out of the inning w/o surrendering additional runs), but we’re guessing it’s not very often.

Random nuggets:

– 40 IBBs in the first 3 innings (3/18/19). Many of these (21) are of the NL “Walk the 8th hitter to face the pitcher” variety, but it’s still a -RE play.
– The Marlins lead the league with 28, and it’s a distant 2nd for Colorado and Seattle (19).
– On 4/21, Phil Coke IBBed Albert Pujols B12, 3-3 —/2. Yup. Bases empty walk to Pujols to get to Josh Hamilton. We realize there are platoon splits that favor Coke/Hamilton over Coke/Pujols, but still. While the Tigers didn’t lose the game in the 12th, they did lose it one inning later.