Bunt To Win: April ’13 Edition

In April, there were a total of 139 non-pitcher, non-squeeze sacrifice bunts (~35/wk).

– 11 had a WPA/RE24 > 0, 128 had a WPA/RE24 <= 0 That means that over 90% of those sacrifice bunts HURT the team, or did nothing to help the team win while giving up an out. - 20 (14.4%) were in the first 3 innings of the game (31 in inn. 4-6). - 61 (43.9%) were by the batter in the 1st or 2nd spot in the batting order (3rd spot is the only one w/ 0 bunts, so that's something) - 78 (56.1%) were 1--/0 ; 3 were 1--/1 (*) - 37 (26.6%) came with the bunting team behind (6) or ahead (31) by 2 or more runs (**) (*) - The 3 1--/1 bunts were more likely bunt for hit attempts, but we and the Play Index aren't perfect. (**) - There was 1 bunt with the bunting team behind by 3 runs. The Mariners were the smrt team, and to drive the point home they did this in the bottom of the 6th inning. Outs? We don't need no stinking outs! Notes: - The Padres led the month with 10, the Angels and Mariners followed with 9 each. (AL West baseball: It's FAN-tastic!). - Those 3 teams are a combined 18 games under .500 - The White Sox have just 1 sac bunt on the month. A beacon in the darkness! SMRT-est bunt of the week: 4/9, Rangers at Rays. Elvis Andrus, 0-0 (B1) | 1--/0. -.23 RE24. Honestly, we feel that unless it is part of a hostage negotiation situation, if you have your 2nd batter of the game bunt you should be forced to forfeit the game. That's the way baseball go, indeed.