The Week (or two) in Sac Bunts: 6/11-6/24

Over the past 2 weeks, there were a total of 93 non-pitcher, non-squeeze bunts (continuing a rough weekly pace of 40-45/per).

– 22 had a WPA/RE > 0 ; 71 had a WPA/RE24 <= 0 That means over 76% of attempts HURT the team, or did nothing to help the team win. - 30 (32.3%) were in the first 3 innings of the game (19 in inn. 4-6) - 43 (46.2%) came from the first 3 lineup spots - 42 (45.1%) were 1--/0 ; 4 were 1--/1 - 26 (28.0%) came with the bunting team behind (10) or ahead (16) by 2 or more runs. Gems: - 6/16, Rockies @ Tigers. Dexter Fowler, 0-4(T8) | 1--/1. Fowler pops out to 3B. Long-form: Down *4* runs with a man on 1B but with only 5 outs left, Dexter Fowler decides to bunt. Even if you think he's bunting for a hit, you have to admit this is a particularly stupid decision. We'll go out on a limb and say that if you only have one more out than runs your team is behind, you should not be bunting. Period. - "Best" of the week(s): 6/22, Dodgers @ Angels. The Angels' Bobby Wilson, ahead 5-6(B6) | -2-/0. The cherry on top? He bunted Aybar into an out at 3B and then the Angels went on to score 2 runs anyway, on a Trout BB and Hunter 2-RBI single. A lovely -.58 RE in a relatively low-leverage (LI 1.05) situation? Good jorb!

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