The Week in Sac Bunts: 6/4-6/10 (2012)

Last week, there were a total of 45 non-pitcher bunts. Removing the 4 squeeze bunts (*), of the remaining 40…

– 9 had a WPA/RE24 > 0 ; 9 had a WPA = 0/RE < 0 ; 22 had a WPA/RE24 < 0
That means over 75% of sac bunt attempts did nothing to help the team win, and 55% HURT them.
– 10 were in the first 3 innings of the game (12 in inn. 4-6)
– 11 came from the first 3 lineup spots
– 19 were 1–/0 ; 3 were 1–/1
– 10 came with the bunting team behind (7) or ahead (3) by 2 or more runs
Down 2 or more seems like the best time to trade an out for a single run.

The “best” bunt of the week: 6/10/12, Mets @ Yankees. Nick Swisher, 0-3(B2) | 12-/0. Swisher bunts the first pitch he sees and Jon Niese throws out the lead runner at 3B. This is a terrible bunt on so many levels, we don’t even… Someone should tear that page out of the binder.

#bunttowin folks, #bunttowin

(*) Friday’s 10th inning walk-off squeeze (squeeze bunts are good, remember?) by Wilson Valdez pinch-hitting for Sam LeCure against Phil Coke that won the game for the Reds being the obvious best of the bunch.

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