Bunt to Win: June ’13 Edition #smrtbaseball #bunttowin

In June, there were a total of 134 non-pitcher, non-squeeze sacrifice bunts (~30/wk).

– 9 had a WPA/RE24 > 0 (all were due to fielding errors), 125 had a WPA/RE24 <= 0 That means that not quite 95% of those sacrifice bunts HURT the team, or did nothing to help the team win while giving up an out. - 26 (19%) were in the first 3 innings of the game (19 in inn. 4-6). - 59 (44%) were by the batter in the 1st or 2nd spot in the batting order.\ - 67 (50%) were 1- -/0 ; 3 were 1- -/1 (*) - 7 (5.2%) came with the bunting team behind (1) or ahead (6) by 2 or more runs. This is a substantial 'improvement' over last month, at least. (*) – The 3 1- -/1 bunts were more likely bunt for hit attempts, but we and the Play Index aren’t perfect. Notes: - The Yankees (of course) led the month with 10, the Rockies followed with 9. The Yanks tired of being told they hit too many homers. - Every team had at least 2 sac bunts. Surprising to us, the Padres only had 2. Bud learning? - #smrtbaseball #bunttowin favorites Bruce Bochy and Dusty Baker called for 5 saccys each. - If your defense of a sac bunt includes the point "But the defense might make an error!", you're right. If a 6.7% chance is a big part of your defense, you're probably in the wrong. SMRT-est bunt of the week: 6/20, As at Rangers. Elvis Andrus, 1-2 (B6) | 1- -/0. -.22 RE24. The astonishing thing is that Andrus had the crown for April and May, too. In May, it was the 3rd inning, and in April it was bunting in the first inning. Ron Washington makes over $1 million per year. That’s the way baseball go, indeed. Okay, that's a smidge unfair. There were 9 saccys with a RE24 of -.22, we just chose Elvis's because he'd been the man in April and May. If we were being totally fair, we'd give it to Eric Young Jr. On consecutive days (6/8 and 6/9), he bunted as the 2nd man the Rockies sent to the plate. Two days. In a row. In the 1st inning. At home. In Coors Field. There is not enough *facepalm* in the world...

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